February 4, 2019

Monster’s Ball

The Way Out West Festival is an annual children’s festival held at one of Australia’s most unique multicultural art centres, the Casula Powerhouse. A four-day event, the Way Out West Festival is an interactive children’s festival celebrating young people’s curiosity and imagination in partnership with some of Australia’s leading artists.

Our installation, Monster’s Ball, was created to celebrate a sense of place and the notion of working together to build a home. Using an explosion of colour and paper, we enlisted the help of primary school children to create monsters in a one-day workshop. These monsters were brought to life, and during the festival period, over a 1,200 children visited the Powerhouse and contributed to the monster’s den, adding depth and vibrancy as the structure grew before their eyes. At the end of the festival, the monsters were welcomed into the den by the children, with a monster’s ball to celebrate their homecoming.

Category: Projects